Centre homeopathique NDG

Ingrid bekhor

depuis 1989

En d'autres mots 

Ingrid Bekhor became a certified professional homeopath in 1989 (20 years +). She maintains her practice
at the Centre Homeopathique NDG.
She has travelled extensively, and studied with homeopathic physicians from India, France, Canada,
Holland, Belgium, Cuba, and the USA. She has also taught homeopathy at the Centre de Techniques Homéopathiques and
L’École Supérieure d’Homéopathie du Québec.
Ms Bekhor is a member of both the Syndicat Professionnel des Homéopathes du Québec and the National Association of Naturopaths enabling her to offer receipts in either discipline.
Since 2006, she has led humanitarian missions to establish homeopathic dispensaries in Honduras (Central America) and Burundi (Africa).


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